Edemco Force II Combination Stand Dryer


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Demand a hard-working stand dryer from Edemco.

Our F850 Force II Stand Dryer is one of the most versatile multi-task dryers on the market. As a high velocity dryer it delivers a powerful 26000 feet per minute air flow. It quickly removes all the excess water from the dog’s coat after bathing in half the time of conventional dryers.

The convenient extension tube allows you to use it as a finishing dryer giving you the option of two speeds.

Also suitable for cage drying, can accommodate up to 2 cages at the same time.

F850 Stand Dryer Instructions
Motors: 2
Horse Power: 1.5 HP per motor - 3 total hp
Volts: 115/120 USA voltage or 220 International voltage
Amps: 15
Air Speed: 3000 - 26,000 FPM
Air Volume: 99 - 198 CFM
Air Temperature: 95 degree F (no heating element)
Velocity: High
Air Flow Control: Two speed
Stand: Four leg 39" - 57" adjustable height, chrome-plated
Nozzle: Neoprene swivel nozzle, rotates 360 degrees
Housing: Cold Rolled Steel
Cord: 8 foot heavy-duty grounded cord
Hose: Two 6 foot Flexible hoses included
Includes: 2 cage attachments, 2 hose nozzles