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United States Distributors N-Z
Export Distributors
Drying/Stacking Cages
F500 Double Drying Cage
F520 Three Door Stacking Cage
Modular Cages
F605 Toy Breed Cage
F607 Small Low Height Cage
F610 Small Cage
F620 Medium Cage
F630 Large Cage
Modular Cage Configuration Example II
Cage Dryers
F3005 New Generation Cage Dryer
F3005T30 Cage Dryer Timer 30 min.
F3005T60 Cage Dryer Timer 60 min.
Finishing Dryers
F3002 New Generation Stand Dryer
F3004 Table Mount Dryer
F6001 New Generation Stand Dryer
F7001 New Generation Stand Dryer
Force Dryers
F800 ForceI Box Dryer
F850 Force II Stand Dryer
F860 Force II Cage Dryer
F870 Force III Cage Dryer
F875 Force III Stand Dryer
F880 Force II Box Dryer
F890 Force III Box Dryer
F2002 Force I Two-Speed Platinum Series Force Dryer
F86000 NRS Platinum Series Force Dryer
F87000 NRS Platinum Series Force Dryer
F88000 NRS Platinum Series Force Dryer
F89000 NRS Platinum Series Force Dryer
Combination Dryers
F160 Best 'N' Show Stand Dryer
F170 Accessorie Kit for F160 Best 'N' Show Dryer
F2001 Heat/Force Stand Dryer
F2002-2 Force I Two-Speed Platinum Series Heat Dryer
Electric Grooming Tables
F900 Electric Lighted Table
F950 Electric Table (no light)
F976 Electric Table
F976000 ElecPro Electric Table
Hydraulic Grooming Tables
F975 Hydraulic Table
F975000 Hypro Hydraulic Table
Other Grooming Tables
F980 Lazy Susan
Grooming Arms
F916 Grooming Arm
F917 Grooming Arm
F919 Grooming Arm
F920 Grooming Arm
F921 Grooming Arm
Carts and Cases
F487 Wheeled Cart for Box Dryers
Total Groom
Total Groom
Pet Tubs
F650 Pet Tub
F655 Mini Pet Tub
Pet Step
F465 Pet Step
Cage Accessories
Floor Grill
F630T Waste Trays for F630 Cage
F630 Cage Divider
F640 Cage Frame - Full
F640H Half Cage Frame - Half
Dryer Parts
R123 Hose Nozzle
R127 60-Minute Timer
R808 6' Dryer Hose
R163 Dryer Hose Nozzle
R167 Elbow Nozzle
R213 Swivel Post
R305 On/Off Switch
R324 Heating Element
R325 Triac
R326 PC Board
R327 Pot Control
R328 Control Knob
R301 Motor For F3005 Series
R501 Motor For F500 Double Drying Cage
R701 Motor For F7001 Stand Dryer
Guide to Carbon Brushes
Table Accessories
R926 Grooming Table Casters
Stainless Steel Table Top
F470 Grooming Saddle
Pet Step Accessories
F466 Pet Step Extensions
Pet Tub Accessories
Pet Step
Large Tub PVC Rack
Mini Tub PVC Rack
Repair Stations
Repair Stations by State
Replacement Parts
R120 Cord and Plug Assembly
R123 Rubber Hose Nozzle
R127 60 Minute Timer
R167 Elbow Nozzle
R213 Swivel Post
R305 On/Off Switch
R324 Heating Element
R325 Triac
R326 PC Board
R327 Pot Control
R328 Control Knob
R520D2 Cage Door
R625 Cage Door
R638L Cage Door
R638R Cage Door
R641 Cage Door
R685 Cage Door
R802 Carbon Brush
R802S Carbon Brush
R802GS Carbon Brush
R833 Carbon Brush
R805 Inlet Fitting
R808 Dryer Hose
R809 Dryer Hose Nozzle
R810 Round Cage Attachment
R812 Rectangular Cage Attachment
R829 Single Stage Motor
R831 Two Stage Motor
R889 Hose Coupler
R975 Hydraulic Table Pump (After Oct 2005)
R617 Infinite Switch
Table Foot Switch
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