Edemco Double Cage Dryer and Stacking Cages


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The Double Drying Cage dries more dogs in less time!

Our Double Drying Cage will accommodate small to large dogs. Even a Remington, rockweiler or Shepard. Electrical engineers say that a groomer using conventional dryers for an average of 5 hours a day can save up to $800 a year in electrical bills alone by replacing them with Edemco's F500.The secret to the F500's energy-efficiency is the fact that it recirculates large volumes of warm air - saving energy by keeping the heat within the drying compartment.

The F500's powerful motor moves an impressive 1,400 cubic feet of air per minute - enough to dry up to eight dogs an hour. And, since it uses moist, warm air - dogs stay comfortable (not to mention safer) while they dry. Includes a 60-minute automatic shut-off timer. And, as always, Edemco's safety features help keep your supervision time and labor costs to a minimum. No drain or plumbing. Dry 1 large dog or use the divider and dry 2 smaller dogs at the same time. The dryer has several air vents so the air circulates evenly even if you do use the divider. The dog can lie down and still the air flow can dry them underneath. The floor grate has tiny holes and is elevated above the cage floor bottom so air can circulate underneath to dry under the dog.

F520 3-Door Stacking Cage
Stacks easily on top of the Edemco F500 Double Drying Cage. This unit cannot be used in a Modular Cage Configuration. (One Unit - Not Three Separate Cages). Separate Cage into One, Two, or Three compartments by using the cage dividers. Stacks easily on top of the Edemco F500 Double Drying Cage (shown in photo above).

Features (Cage Dryer):
Motors: One 1.4 HP
Color: White
Dimensions: 60" W x 29-3/4" H x 30" D (Front to Back)
Air Volume: 1400 CFM
Amps: 15
Volts: 115-120
Heat: Yes (72 - 90 Degrees F). Unbreakable calrod 1900 watt
Doors: 3/8" Thick Clear Plexiglas Doors
Casters: Heavy-Duty 3" Ball Bearing Casters
Switch: Temperature Control Switch
Temp: Temperature-Humidity Gauge
Controls: Solid state variable heat control. Air flow control.
Housing: 16/20 heavy gauge galvanized steel, electrostatically coated
Cord: 8 foot heavy-duty grounded cord
Includes: 60-Minute Automatic Shut-off Timer
Includes: Includes removable center Divider (When using the divider, you will have 2 separate compartments)
Includes: Removable autoclavable PVC-coated Floor Grill
Waste Tray: NONE. No waste tray is available for this unit.

Features (F520WH 3 Cage Unit):
- Construction: Heavy Duty 20 gauge galvanized steel
- Outside Dimensions: 60" W x 29-3/4" H x 24" D (Front to Back)
- Inside Dimensions: Each compartment: 19-5/8" W x 28-1/2" H x 24" D (Front to Back)
- Finish: Easy to clean Baked-on White Epoxy Finish
- Doors & Latches: Zinc plated doors with escape proof gravity latches
- Includes: (3) Waste Trays, (3) PVC Coated Floor Grill Grates and (2) Dividers

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New style door for top cages show below.

New Door Style