Edemco R833 Brushes for Dryers F160, F800, F850, F860 F870, F875, F880, F890, F2001, F86000 View larger

Edemco Brushes for Dryers F160, F800, F850, F860 F870, F875, F880, F890, F2001, F86000


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R833 replacement Carbon Brushes for our Edemco Dryer models with serial numbers year 2000 and later. Edemco Serial Numbers consist of three sections: serial number, 4-digit year, 2-digit month. Brush Set consists of (2) brushes.

Edemco recommends replacing motor brushes every 6 months or 500 hours of use, whichever comes first. There are 2 brushes on each motor and must be replaced at regular intervals to ensure motor efficiency.

Replacement brushes for dryers listed below:
F160 - (1 set needed)
F800 - (1 set needed)
F850 - (2 sets needed)
F860 - (2 sets needed)
F870 - (3 sets needed)
F880 - (2 sets needed)
F890 - (3 sets needed)
F2001 - (1 set needed)
F2001 - For older dryers that have a metal housing (body). (1 set needed)

Newer 2001 dryers that has a plastic housing (body), use the ED-R802 brushes.

Diagram on how to change the F160 brushes

Diagram on how to change the other dryer model brushes

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