Edemco Force III Cage Dryer


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Edemco F870 Dryer produces drying air in 3 cages at once! High velocity dryer by Edemco has 3 speed controls that deliver high speed air streams without heat. Use high air speed to remove water and loose coat hair. Reduced drying time and lower energy costs make these dryers affordable and very popular. Provides enough power to dry three dogs simultaneously. Optional Cart dryer stand with casters (see item F487) raises dryer and makes it portable.

Requires minimum 20 amp circuit breaker and 20 amp outlet (plug outlet).

Attachment nozzles are black and dryer is white.

- Motors: 3
- Volts: 115/120
- Horse Power: 1.5 HP per motor - 4.5 Total HP
- Amps: 20 - Air Speed: 3000 - 35,000 FPM
- Air Volume: 99 - 198 - 207 CFM
- Air Temperature: 95 degree F
- Air Flow Control: Three Speed
- Heat: No heating element
- Housing: Cold Rolled Steel Housing
- Hoses: Three Grey 6 ft Flexible hoses
- Brushes: 3
- Cord: 8 ft heavy-duty grounded cord
- Includes 3 of each: black cage attachments, black hose nozzles and grey flex-hoses
- Warranty: Two-year manufacturers warranty
- Available in 115-120 volts

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